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Music: Sancheezy – Proposal [ Produced by Kosoro ]

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Music is life and whenever you need a sensational and cool rhythm to rock your body, PROPOSAL is always next to you for download. Proposal is a very lovely and smashing hit single that has gotten into the heart of the entertainment lovers, clubs, weddings and other events in the eastern part of Nigeria and presently under a well organized promotion to obtain awareness all over the nation and the world.

Proposal was crooned by a young vibrant Artist by name, Azoribe Ugochukwu Greg popularly known as Sancheezy. He hailed from Enugu, had his primary school knowledge at the University Primary School, Nsukka in the year 1997 to 2002 and then proceeded to the Model Secondary School in the same town, 2002 to 2008. After his secondary school, he got admitted into the Institute of Management and Technology IMT, Enugu, in the year 2008 to 2013 and served the nation as a Youth corper through 2014/2015.

Sancheezy started off his career singing and dancing at six (6) years old. He got attracted and influenced by music at St. Theresa Catholic Diocese, Nsukka at that tender age. Sancheezy joined the choir at St. Brigid Asata, Enugu in his higher institution days and claimed till this moment music has been something irreplaceable. Sancheezy is always ready to inspire and light up the world with his own voice and music and as you all have it right now, hit the download button below after listening to the music through the music player and kindly leave a comment if Sancheezy is however related to J Martis and P Square in term of his inspiration


MUSIC PREMIERE: Pace Alhaji Ft. Don Drim, DJ Raw, Dplus, Tleo & Damsel – Ni Ikorodu

This is a song about Ikorodu lifestyle and entertainment swag out there. Ikorodu is a place in the city of Lagos State, Nigeria, where you find so many beautiful entertainers, dancers and inspiring entertainment celebrities  such as Pace Alhaji, Don Drim, Dj Raw, DPLUS, Thompson, Damsel and many more. This music is about some crazy  party groove in the club and get down to it cruise like the karma karzee parole… what are you waiting for when you can hit the sound DOWNLOAD button to see all we yearning about for some moment…. Street Music …. that life!!!


Hustle! Hustle!! Hustle!!! This is about latest music, latest naija music, latest nigerian songs or as you may have it, the latest nigeria music as recognized through the popularly known google search engine. In life when we don’t hustle then we only making a wish for success but this time we STRIVING and telling the youth to STRUGGLE for progress, which involves self determination and advanced planning. However, this is a very strong point that has brought about this music and its promotion.

The Kosoro Music Empire has promoted so many top nigerian music, naija jams, latest naija tracks and now this music titled “HUSTLE”. This music was created to promote the PROFESSIONAL MUSIC PRODUCTION/RECORDING and MASTERING services handled by the house and it has featured the KME ALL STARs.

We say thank you as you all download and listen to this captivating melody with great thought. Remember, kindle leave a comment and follow the social media handles on the poster. Stay blessed as you join our social platforms.

#CityHitz Music: Themo – Time #Mp3Download

Yes! it’s another one.. Themo is on the block with another knockout, hip hop banger, real as it is with no doubt… ok! what’s up to all our fans and fams all over the world, you already know is the hottest spot for your fresh, dope and fast  rising artist in Nigeria especially when it comes to latest naija music, latest naija songs, naija music videos,naijaloaded music search or latest Nigerian songs, whichever way you might have been searching on google.   
Themo was directly talking to the youth  about his hustle and attitude… saying, “no time, you have to do what you need on time in life.. follow the sound with the hip-hop groove and the energy therein and you will forever appreciate real music with real advice and idea.Themo created this new naija music titled “Time” with uniqueness, attitude and incredible energy. 
When you go online to search for music, you have a great tendency of popping out  on our website because we promote real people with real concept and that is why Themo has ranked  higher on YouTube and Google  for the Nigerians and rest of the world, to discover when they Google words like naijaloaded music, music nigeria 2019, latest naija music, Nigerian music, latest music, best musician in Nigeria, download latest music online and many more
Why waste more time… Ok.. go straight to the download button below to enjoy this music now. Themo has written and recorded this song to change the world to better place with proper time management


In Nigeria, when you talk about latest naija songs or latest nigerian songs, cityhitz entertainment has been a company fast trending with naijaloaded. This new naija music you are about to download is one of the best in 2019 so far, as it has been designed to organically generate traffic through keywords such as naija music videos, naija new music, nigeria music site, best musician in Nigeria, Nigeria video, download latest music, nigerian movies, latest music and finally naija music download.

Here comes this very lovely music written and recorded by Simula8 who has been in the industry with CityHitz Entertainment for over eight (8) years. This music talks about his promises made to satisfy a lady he fell in love with recently. This song was produced by a smart and creative minded producer called Lemon and mastered by one of the popularly screamed radio producer and sound engineer known as Kosoro. So, what are you waiting for…

Kindly listen, like, share and comment on this music based on your honest review below


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Here comes another dope rap music from the house of SMPW, Lekki Ajah axis bringing you expensive rap music download links freely. This top chart forecasted latest naija music was produced by the super fast rising music producer LEMON and is set to be among the best Nigerian songs online for the year 2019.  When it comes to good quality mp3 download, music download, latest nigeria music or latest nigerian songs,  Mr Plana is another verified rap icon on the street of lagos which will definitely pop up, just as it’s been promoted on …. Yes!!! latest naija songs.

For your music downloader, latest nigerian music video, hip hop music, naija music download, 10 latest naija songs and many more, make sure you get Dapada on your list for dope bass feeling with hip hop music mode *owo olowo dapada*

Waste no time as you hit the download button… You can listen on youtube here…

#CityHitz Music: Iyk Wonder – Bring It On [ Psquare Cover ]

After the break up between the top Nigerian music entertaining twin, known as Psquare, so many other Artist has come to the lime light with their different reactions and comments towards psquare’s break .  Some of these Artistes had condemned the separation of the twin which is Rudeboy Psquare and Mr P, both Paul Okoye and Peter Okoye respectively.

When you talk about the Nigerian music, psquare, wizkid, davido, olamide, you can easily identify all these public figures but you need to know there are some exceptional and unique Artiste such as IYK WONDER who could hold down the crowd with live music entertainment for long hours while performing on stage with deep emotions and impeccable music notes. Viewers were stunned at the last BRING IT ON cover presentation by IYK WONDER as the song actually motivates the people never to give up, no matter the situation as long as you doing the right thing, keep fighting on… hmmm … Inspirational and guess what?? IYK WONDER said so…

Please hit the download button below and give us your comments as usual on this.,…Thanks