How I Almost Lost My Two Eyes While Processing $920K Tour Bookings For P-Square

How I Almost Lost My Two Eyes While Processing $920K Tour Bookings For P-Square

To Mr Tunde Ednut and the whole Nigerians reading this post, I have written this post to you all because my security and life is at risk as I see signs of being attacked  anywhere in Lagos precisely by the gang members of a cultist who injured me and claimed to kill me after he was arrested by the police and asked to pay for my treatment. Even after I was attacked on the street I tried to call him because I felt we settled already… he replied and said “I am owing him money which he paid for my treatment” and he would do anything to bring me down.

My name is Olatunji Samson Adeola, a.k.a Simula8, The CEO of CityHitz Entertainment. I worked as an engineer and presently in the entertainment industry as an  Artist, Blogger and Independent Promoter, after I had graduated from FUT Mx, Niger State 2010. I have been in the industry since 2012 promoting contents and working for other artist and popular brands before I had my success with the song for PSquare Comeback which went viral on our YouTube channel “CityHitz Tv” in 2020 titled “Why” song by Tupee… which made my channel gained over 5.4million views with about 26,000+ subscribers till date…Our subscribers are majorly Psquare’s fans thrilled by Tupee’s music for their comeback

After the promotion of this music, my company became so popular worldwide and I start to get businesses from all over the world for people trying to reach out to PSquare for event performance bookings. I got paid $1500 dollars for consultation from a Zambian client who was trying to book PSquare through my company.. which I posted on my wall to show other clients that our company is earning globally. Meanwhile, I had been chatting with Emem PSquare to close the deal for Psquare’s Bookings… I have attached many files as evidences here…

Meanwhile I had to move out of my place due to irregular power supply so I could manage the business properly…

Henry Martins ( a.k.a Page)

Unfortunately, just few days after my consultation payment, (Henry Martins a.k.a Page: 09047930121) asked me for money after he saw my post on my status thinking I got paid through yahoo-yahoo which I said No because it’s not mine but for the company (CityHitz Entertainment) and a task to be achieved which is for @PSquare’s bookings for four (4) countries tour… I have attached the agreement page as an evidence.

On same day, After Henry Martins(Page) had misplaced his tab due to highness in the shared apartment we stayed together in Unity Estate, Sangotedo,   he claimed it was kept by us and later drifted to the word stolen by his brother(Eze) which he had come to stay with… Ha! I was shocked at that utterance but I did not interact with them! At a time after a long disturbance and noise in the middle of the night due to his highness situation, meanwhile I never knew he was high…I was forced to ask his brother(Eze) to check where he was sleeping when we got back in the house and the tab was found there!

So I said that’s what should have been done than labeling others thieves…which he shunned me not to talk to him at all and I immediately shut myself up and left to my room for sleep…. While on my bed trying to catch some sleep that night this guy out of envy and being drunk came beside my bed in my friends room insulting me and threatening to attack me for interrupting and providing a solution to the situation. Before I knew it as he was ranting… he attacked me with his long finger nails on both eyes after I stood up from the bed trying to be a little alert against his attack … meanwhile he had oppressed me with so many humiliating word which I refused to respond to…

That night around 01:30am I called out to my friend @jaystormmusic who drove to my place with estate securities to save me of the mess!

To cut the story short! He was apprehended and asked to pay for my treatment which he couldn’t and claimed we were brothers when I barely know him… so the police seized his Tab so he could not run away to make payment the other day for my treatment!

Meanwhile, I had pulled calls to arrest him from the Nigerian Police Station at Ajiwe, Ajah the next morning because I was bathed in full blood that night for doing nothing… which got me so angry! Cos this guy pleaded to collect money from me which I gave after so much pressure but ended up attacking me…

The next morning which I was supposed to get him to the station, I had to leave him after an elderly person living with us who is Dj Smooth ( Former Radio Dj of Rhythm FM Lagos) pleaded I should try to let go the issue and forgive him… thoughtfully for me even while I was angry, I agreed to do so.. then I told the estate securities I would love to end the case there and just find my way off the area immediately after he made the payment of 5,000 Naira for my treatment.

After that day! I realized he shared my profile with his cultist gang members all over Lagos with so many lies and claimed I owe him some big money! Now till this day, the mess is still all over Lagos with threats from his gang members (many strangers and negative side talks of people targeting me to be robbed, shot or murdered…) that is why I felt now I need to get him to put a statement down before any attack or robbery is set against me with no one knowing the past…

After about eight (8) months to the incidence, I was almost being attacked at Panama’s Place in Eleko Beach because I stopped moving around for some time. But because of my social influence and humble nature they could not attack me

Now am afraid of going out to places where am not well or barely known because I do not know the kind of lies he has labeled me with and this is directly affecting me psychologically and mentally right now! As I do not feel safe to move and do my social businesses properly and daily

Please I need influential people in the country and all over the world to support me on this! Because at this time ever since I lost the contract due to the social violence … I have not been myself and I am not feeling safe to walk comfortably

Please I need Nigerians to support me to bring this guy on board for justice or probably making him make a statement with the police that would re-install my safety… This is really disturbing…and I know there are a lot of victims of this circumstances in Lagos that would have lost their lives since they do not have a voice.

I need influential Nigerians to come on my rescue because am not really doing well lately and I feel blocked and could not give to the society anymore like I used to… I need help on this issue…

My dream is to become an Ambassador and a man of value in Africa supporting the youths trying to rise irrespective of their religion or background and I have been investing a lot in this for a long time with nothing to show for now but my profiles online speaks of my effort… even my parents and family members are angry about me that I am supposed to be working with my B.Eng Certificate in Mechanical Engineering (2nd Class Upper) but I have ventured into some useless entertainment activities not paying off meanwhile I had resisted to do other things because I do feel there is something within driving me to carry on…. I really need all Nigerians to come to my aid on this… I cannot become a street fighter causing chaos everyday because that’s not my goal… and I know entertainment can really take me where I want to be! If the right people come to my aid… I am confused right now and I need the advice of people worldwide with Human Rights links to ensure am not molested by unknown strangers on the street…


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