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Hustle! Hustle!! Hustle!!! This is about latest music, latest naija music, latest nigerian songs or as you may have it, the latest nigeria music as recognized through the popularly known google search engine. In life when we don’t hustle then we only making a wish for success but this time we STRIVING and telling the youth to STRUGGLE for progress, which involves self determination and advanced planning. However, this is a very strong point that has brought about this music and its promotion.

The Kosoro Music Empire has promoted so many top nigerian music, naija jams, latest naija tracks and now this music titled “HUSTLE”. This music was created to promote the PROFESSIONAL MUSIC PRODUCTION/RECORDING and MASTERING services handled by the house and it has featured the KME ALL STARs.

We say thank you as you all download and listen to this captivating melody with great thought. Remember, kindle leave a comment and follow the social media handles on the poster. Stay blessed as you join our social platforms.