The Golden Sunset View From Panama, Eleko Beach

The Golden Sunset View From Panama, Eleko Beach

ELEKO BEACH is one of the best tourist beach on the Lagos Island, Nigeria, where you find local items, artworks, palm trees and lots of attractive indigenous cabins. Apparently, this beach is natural, beautiful, clean, affordable with so many businesses around her. However, there are exclusive bars, hotels and relaxation spots around there. Besides, this beach receives great influx of people from different parts of the world majorly on weekends and holidays.

Nevertheless, there are a few popular spots where you can get the best of hospitality with your materials and items well protected against theft issues or any other related issue. We will use this means to mention the top five spots. This spots are generally accessed by people for best of hospitality with absolute safety.


1. Panama Beach House Bar

2. Yolo By The Sea

3. MTB Bar

4. Joey’s Bar & Restaurant

5. AYD’s Bar

Eleko Beach is a place where you find alot of Ibeju-Lekki workers relaxing on weekends after a tedious week. Nonetheless, the beach has a lot of high profile companies and expatriates connecting with the nature and different people within the terrain.

We will keep writing more about this beautiful beach, top spots, affordable hotel rooms, games and fun available out there for fresh people intending to travel to the beach from anywhere in the world and incase you have been to Eleko Beach before, kindly share a little experience with people all over the world through the comment section.

Remember to share, like and subscribe… However, you can visit our CityHitz  homepage for more entertaining content. I spend my night out there at times and i must let you know the experience is extra-ordinary. Incase you seek to book an affordable cabin or hotel rooms for your family picnic or honeymoon, CONNECT with our admin on whatsapp now




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