TVC Communications Interviewed Daemcee

TVC Communications Interviewed Daemcee

Daemcee on TVC

This morning, as early as 7:00am, The TVC Communications network, interviewed Daemcee as the Artist in the house. It was really awesome to spot Daemcee on the television as fans all over the nation were busy sending in messages as they got overwhelmed by the recent re branding and the swift growth in awareness on the social media and the Nigerian Music Industry.  

The TVC popular host, Mike was the interviewer who asked Daemcee some short questions and incase you care to read more about the icon, follow on instagram right away @daemceekmh

Daemcee is a graduate of Federal University of Technology, Minna. He graduated as a Mathematics Computer Scientist and thereafter his Educational achievement, he ventured fully into Entertainment and ShowBiz and here today, trending as an indigenous Artist.

Daemcee performed RUN DIZZ  and gave as much as wanted for the acknowledgement of the TVC viewers who all followed the program consistently for fresh stars discovery


WHATSAPP: 08038484969, 07058029631



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